Time Management


Since I’ve come back from Atlanta, I have been so busy it literally made me want to go on Xanax. (Not joking.) For example, I am literally sitting in class right now writing this because I finally have the opprutunity to sit down and write. In class.
I’m one of those people that is one hundred percent undeniably Type A. This as some of you may know, means that I take on more than I should at any given time and that it’s difficult for me to accept help from my peers because I believe it won’t be as high-quality as my work. I’ve been working on it, and this was one of the things the Conference kept trying to drive home for us Chapter Presidents, who all (coincidently or not) are Type A personalities.

Currently I am working on schoolwork (term papers, exams, notes, brochures, etc.) for my 6 classes for my second major and my minor. I’m also running the PRSSA Chapter and trying to do interesting things for our meetings and gearing up for next semester when I take over the organization completely with the help of my faithful VP. Then there’s our PR firm which has just been name changed to Communications Unlimited Co. I’m pretty much running the entire thing myself. We have two clients currently and two campaigns running concurrently. It’s a lot of work. Then there’s my part time (although now it’s more of a full time job – gotta love holiday season retail. 5 p.m. – 1:30 a.m. the Wednesday before Thanksgiving and 3 p.m.- 6 a.m. Thanksgiving day (Looks like no turkey for me this year)) job at Target. Which takes up 8 hours + blocks of time at a time. Sprinkle in three to four E-Board meetings a week, meetings with our clients, meetings with other students, meetings with the United Students Government, dinners and things like oil changes and calling/emailing for internships in the winter/spring and that’s a basic week of my life lately.

The sick part though? And I don’t mean sick as in “cool.” I love this. It gives me anxiety, but I think I actually feed off of that and it makes my work that much more precise. I live by my calendar app. The second I have anything to remember it goes right into both my calendar and reminder apps. I’m also glued to my gmail app all day long. I LOVE email. It’s so bizarre but it’s true.

I do admit however, that maybe I do need to ask for help, whether that’s extending deadlines, bringing in fresh thoughts and people to my various projects or just venting to an actual person. I also need to eat/drink a little more than I do currently because when I do it actually helps my work and helps my mood AND keeps me from being a grouch.

Besides this little rant I just went on, I wanted to demonstrate his I get it all done. I shut myself away from others for a day or two and just work. I drink coffee. I take breaks in between. I use my lunch breaks effectively. I obey my calendar. I stop working at a specific time (11:30 p.m. – 12 a.m.) every night, just drop everything. I sleep at least six hours a night. I drink beer (responsibly, of course.). I put my all into it and it get my work done and that feeling is so gratifying. I take things day by day.

Time management is something I used to have trouble with, but as my assecencion to a true Type A leader has been taking place, it’s a skill I have mastered.


One thought on “Time Management

  1. […] 3.) Set aside time to work on any given project – Despite my hectic schedule, I always set aside time to do a specific task, sometimes that’s during other classes, which you shouldn’t do, but in my defense it’s my last semester and the classes are slow.  Also when I have a day off of work, I always, always do something productive whether it’s for my organizations or for school or work! Every minute counts and as I’m growing older I’m learning the harsh reality that there aren’t enough minutes in the day. Feel free to check out my post on time management for more info on this front!  […]


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