An Open Letter to “The Basic White Girl”

Egad! I know, it’s not Tuesday. After a weekend of doing absolutely nothing, I was hit with a wave of inspiration after reading through certain posts on social media. So yay for two posts this week! This letter goes out to all of the Basic White Girls out there.

Hey there BWG,

It’s me. I just wanted to send some love your way.


I love the way you say “I can’t.”

I love your love for PSLs.

I love your stupid Uggs, that make you look like an prehistoric Eskimo.

I love how you take pictures of yourself not looking at anything in particular but just looking in a random direction for some reason. Just look at the camera

I love that you don’t necessarily have to be white…….or a girl.

I love that you talk about wine or champagne all the time. I love that you joke about being an alcoholic. You don’t have to announce that you’re drinking/want to drink.

I love that you tweet things that you know will get you attention.

I love that you dangle people around because they give you attention.

I love that you love all eyes on you.

I love that you try to make your life look incredible.

I love that your’re so into art and you know, really artsy Instagram posts. Who needs van Gogh when there’s you?

I love that when you’re sad, the entire world must also be sad or else it just isn’t fair.

I love that you’re so obsessed with your significant other, you can’t spend 30 seconds apart or else you might spontaneously combust.

I love that you can be so passionate about a topic and have absolutely nothing to back up that passion when questioned about it.

I love that you have such a deep and profound love for your iPhone.

I love your silly, unnatural poses on Instagram.

I love that you let trends rule who you are and your behavior.

I love that although you may be good-looking, you’re just one of the crowd.

I love that you have this outrageous idea of love and this unrealistic view of Earth.


Although, if I’m being honest…I don’t really particularly love any of these things. In fact, I rather dislike most of them.




Side note – I am guilty of some of the above, but not to some of the extreme BWG levels that seem to be deeply sewed into social media. I just get annoyed. I truly do not mean offense to anybody who identifies with this, and it’s only meant to be satirical in nature. I apologize if I made you feel bad about yourself.

Besides, if you’re a BWG and proud, OWN THAT!



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