Rochester in Fall: A Photographic Journey

Rochester is for us, who don’t know it at all, a city of any time or country, moonlight, filled with lovers hovering over piano-fortes a city of handsome streets wrapt in beautiful quiet and dreaming of the golden age.” — [WWW]Their Wedding Journey William Dean Howells, 1872

When in a new place, I tend to wander and take photos, it’s just something I like to do. I literally take pictures of everything. I feel like pictures can encapsulate feelings and trigger the same feelings you had during that time when remembering.  I like to look at pictures when in a bad mood, I like to look at pictures when I want to see something beautiful.

I moved to Rochester at a particularly opportune time because it was right as the leaves were beginning to change and autumn was in full effect. I think fall is definitely the most beautiful of the four seasons, but of course I love my summers more than anything.

Fall is such a photogenic season and so I decided to finally explore the area and take some cool shots. I took all of these on my Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge. Don’t ever let anyone ever tell you that you can’t get killer pictures with only a phone. 😉

*Hover over the pictures to read the caption associated  with them, OR click on them for a larger view!



I had a great time leaning a bit more about this city, and I’m a super huge fan of these photos! Thanks for reading/viewing!

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