Recipe 1 – Bell Pepper-Spice Chicken

A hobby of mine is cooking and trying new recipes, (most of which are of my own creation or variations of other recipes) and admittedly, they usually turn out pretty dang good. So for this post I thought I’d take you through how to make Bell Pepper-Spice Chicken! It’s super good and is perfect for a quick dinner idea. It also serves the purpose of being heavy in various vitamins and nutrients that your body needs!

*Please note that for the purposes of this tutorial, I will not be using conventional measurements

Ingredients (What you’ll need!)

-Boneless/skinless chicken breasts

-French Salad Dressing

-Italian Salad Dressing

-Frank’s Red Hot Sauce

-Salt & Pepper

-Italian Seasoning, Paprika, Onion Powder, Garlic Powder

-Red, Yellow, and Orange Bell Peppers



Step 1: Buy Some Chicken Breasts – The first thing you have to do is get some boneless/skinless chicken breasts from your local grocery store. Make sure that if they’re frozen that they are defrosted all the way! I was only cooking for myself so I chose to use two chicken breasts. This would feed about 1-2 people. (I usually cook to have leftovers)


Step 2: Cut the Breast Into Strips – Cut the breasts into strips. (I cut the longer strips in half in order to marinate – see next step. Not necessary.)


Step 3: Make the Marinade – Get a container with a lid, (Glad and Tupperware work great) and fill to about the halfway point with a mixture of French salad dressing and Italian salad dressing. I added a little bit of Frank’s Hot Sauce to the mixture as well, in order to bring out the flavor of the dressing a bit more and add a little spice. If you want a sweeter taste feel free to omit the hot sauce.

Make sure to put the lid on and manually shake to make sure marinade is mixed.


Step 4: Make a Spice Mixture – For this part, you’re going to need a second container with a lid. Depending on how much flavor of a specific spice you’re looking for, you can be as liberal or un-liberal as you want here. I did equal portions of paprika, onion powder, garlic powder, Italian seasoning, and a dash of pepper and salt. I had a small pile in the container.

Make sure to put the lid on, shake the mixture and spread evenly in the container.


Step 5: Marinate the Chicken – Add the chicken to the marinade and again put the lid on and shake so that all the strips are coated, pictured above. Let sit for at least 20 minutes, can definitely sit for longer.


Step 6: Add the Spices to the Chicken – Put the chicken strips in the container with the spice mixture, again put lid on and shake so as to coat marinaded chicken in spices. (Be sure to shake very liberally, because the marinade and the spices coalesce.) Let sit for at least 5 minutes!


Step 7: Slice up Some Peppers – Cut three bell peppers into strips from top to bottom after slicing off the top of the peppers and de-seeding them. I usually buy the three packs that come with a yellow, red, and orange pepper.


Step 8: Add Peppers to Saucepan and Start Sauteing – Add some Extra Virgin Olive Oil (or other cooking oil). Let peppers saute for a bit until they begin to brown. Be sure to move around the pan often.


Step 9: Add Chicken to Peppers – Add in the now-marinated and spiced chicken and let cook for about 5 mins before sauteing with the peppers, make sure to keep moving both the chicken and peppers around the pan to ensure even cooking.


Step 10: Keep Sauteing – Keep up the good work! You’re going to keep doing this until the chicken begins to lose it’s pink color.


Step 11: Add a Lid to the Pan – The reasoning for this is to cook the chicken and peppers even more evenly with the help of steam. This will lead to tender chicken with a bit more flavor, accentuating the marinade and spices.


Step 12: Serve with Rice or Another Side – When chicken is browned thoroughly the meal is ready to be served! Bon appetit! 


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