New York During the Holidays: A Short Weekend Album

A few weekends ago I was in New York and it was such a cool experience because I have been there a million times, but never during the winter or around the holidays, and I’ve always wanted to be because come on, why wouldn’t you? The entire city is decked out with holiday flavor!

Again, because I’m such a sweet photographer (with my Galaxy phone) I took a bunch of really cool shots of Manhattan and Hoboken where I was for the weekend.

I didn’t get as many shots as I wanted and I desperately need to cough up some cash for a camera, but after some light editing, the shots in the grid below turned out pretty good!

*Hover over the pictures to read the caption associated  with them, OR click on them for a larger view!

I’ll be headed to Boston towards the end of the month, so fingers crossed I can get some cool shots then. Thanks for reading/viewing!

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