Boston: Where Everybody Knows Your Name — Another Weekend (Photographic) Adventure

As of the moment of my writing this, I am at my desk at work, five days post-Boston. I’m pretty much a zombie. I went over the weekend, and really had an A+ weekend! It was worth the 6-hour drive.

In life, especially now (while I’m still young), it’s so important to see new places and things and to really broaden my horizons.

Boston was an obvious choice for a weekend out of WNY for a couple of reasons. One of my best buddies since high school lives there now for school and I have always wanted to go and never had.

So I took off of work Friday and just did it. Made it to Boston in no time, and even stopped for Chick-fil-A along the way. First impression of Lowell, Massachusetts, where my friend lives: bad drivers. I swear to you, I have driven in some crazy situations and cities but I have never been as scared as when driving on the same roads as Massachusetts folk. First off, there is no fast or slow lanes on the highway, there are about 6000 roundabouts that lead into more roundabouts and the streetlights are on the ground to the sides of the road and not above. But I digress.

I ended up going to a sushi buffet my first night and I’m not a sushi eater, or rather, I wasn’t a sushi eater. It was so good! Later that night I played “Beerio Cart,” which I didn’t even know was a thing. (Look it up, it’s fascinating.)

The next day we headed to the city early and because check-in wasn’t until 4 p.m. we had all day to explore. It was kind of cold and cloudy, but I was soon filled with that familiar heat of excitement and wonder as I explored a new place and captured it in my pictures, the way that I saw it. When I really get going and exploring a new place, I don’t notice things like how tired my legs get or how cold my face is.

We stopped for a drink at Cheers, and although I’d only seen the show in passing before I was excited nonetheless because it was history. The entire city is history in the finest sense. You can feel a sense of what life was like before as you walk through it’s streets. It feels like an old entity, but also with a new and growing modernization. Colonial America meets the 21st century, essentially. It was sensational. One part of the street would be bricks with houses from the 1800s, the next would be concrete with skyscrapers. So interesting.

The party scene in the city ain’t too bad either. I remember the night in segments as I was a little overzealous in my inhalation of the night. (AKA my good pal Jack Daniels) We grabbed dinner, went swimming at the pool, , went to 3 or 4 (?) bars/clubs, Uber’d all over the place, ate pizza, and …. nothing. That’s the last I got. Felt great in the morning though.

The next afternoon, I packed up the car and headed back to Rochester.

My photos are below, I’ll let them tell the story visually. I really like them a lot.

*Click the pictures to read the caption associated with them, and to see them in a bigger view!


It was a great trip and a great weekend. I’m glad and thankful that I am fortunate enough to do these kind of things and I’m thankful that I found a passion with storytelling and photography. I truly hope someone finds value in my work, but I’m mostly doing it for myself.

My names Zack, I upload a new post on this page sorta kinda regularly (debatable), subscribe and comment if you  liked or alternatively didn’t like what you read. I’ll see you soon!


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