The Beauty of Your Backyard – Hint Hint, It’s More Photos

My family still lives in Buffalo, and so when I was home for the weekend a few weekends back, I woke up early on a Sunday morning and decided to grab some shots at the beach /state park 5 minutes from my mom’s house.

I was feeling particularly moody that morning and I’d definitely say it showed in the shots.

Although, there is a certain beauty of the beach in the winter, it feels cold, desolate, and lonely. Ideal for thinking. I’ve done some of my best thinking on the shores of this beach. Plus it feels super Series of Unfortunate Events-y.

I like it because it’s not somewhere you’re “supposed” to be, it’s not the norm. I used to tell people that if they couldn’t find me, if they were ever looking for me, they’d find me at the beach.




These all turned out really sweet!

These were taken @ Beaver Island State Park, Grand Island NY, 14072

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