Music Playlist 2/24/17 – February 2nd Half

Below is my latest playlist! These are songs that I have been listening to the past couple of weeks, during the second half of this month. The best way to describe this playlist is as a blend of throwbacks with some newer stuff of all different genres, styles, and feels.

There’s a ton of indie artists here, so be sure to check out some of their stuff, it’s all very good. I have the Shazam app to thank for a lot of these songs, as most of them I’ve heard at bars, venues, or on the radio in the car! That app truly comes in handy when you hear something you like, but can’t think of what the name could be.

Below is the list via Spotify so that you can listen to it right here!



Edit– please note that the Blink-182 song is actually “She’s Out of Her Mind,” woops!

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Let me know if you took a listen and what songs are your favorite off of this list!


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