Eat Me Ice Cream – An International Women’s Day Excursion

Yesterday was International Women’s Day, a day to celebrate women and a day to remember the importance of gender equality in all facets of life, but especially in the workforce. I fully support these ideals and as such I am a part of my office’s delineation of GWEN (Global Women Empowerment Network) a group that was born with these notions in mind. You can read more about GWEN here:

One more thing on this. Just because I am a man, it doesn’t mean that I can’t be an advocate for female rights. I most certainly am. I’m an advocate for human rights. I believe in feminism, but not in the overarching crazy, “the patriarchy ruins everything,” kind of way. We all matter. #BeBoldForChange

So today, in honor of the day, a small group of us GWENers went to a locally owned ice cream shoppe, named Eat Me (Click here to check them out, they’re super sweet! All pun intended.). The company was started and is run completely by two badass women, Catelyn Augustine and Amber Odhner. The duo have been friends for years and were separated by college, but eventually found their way back to one another, with a dream of selling cool, and funky ice cream in mind.

Catelyn and Amber, the women behind Eat Me Ice Cream, in the shoppe.

The idea of wanting to be a bit risque and unique in brand representation is where the name and logo came from. Amber and Catelyn looked at so many other ice cream brands, especially vegan and dairy-free ice cream, which Eat Me specializes in; and they realized how bland they are and how boring their marketing is. In taking a look at the Eat Me website, Twitter page, Instagram page or at the interior of their very colorful and bright shop, the importance of being different, bold  and embracing that is evident.

The two ladies are super passionate about ice cream and creating the best flavor possible from ingredients that you wouldn’t expect in ice cream. (Prime example, they have a taco-flavored ice cream. I’m intrigued.) They did face some barriers early-on of not being able to market to people and through trial and error made it through that rough patch. They can now be found at local area farmer’s markets and events like Rochester’s ‘Food Truck Rodeo.’

They have hopes of Eat Me Ice Cream growing bigger and better and hope to bring the joys of their unique ice cream to the masses. They’re currently working on rolling out online ordering capabilities. (Trust me, you’ll love it. More on that in a bit.)

Something interesting to note is that while these ladies have this now super successful ice cream business, they also are a part of the community in other ways. Amber is a pastry artist and a yoga instructor and Catelyn works as a licensed masseuse.

The Mache ice cream, with some homemade toppings – incredible!

We began our visit to Eat Me, with a tasting. It was great because we were offered a smorgasbord of homemade ice cream and topping to try out. While they did have basic flavors available, I opted to try the Mache Green Tea ice cream. There was also a Chai Tea ice cream which both looked and sounded amazing.

I took the Cardamom-Rose-Pistachio Coconut ice cream back to my desk, ate half and then went home and ate the other half. No shame in my game.

Anyway, the Mache blew me away. It was way too good. The flavor was indescribable. I then bought a pint of Cardamom-Rose-Pistachio Coconut ice cream, which was totally vegan and dairy-free and that was even more indescribable. It is with zero shame that I admit to eating that entire pint yesterday. I couldn’t stop, that’s how flavorful it was.

Overall, it was an excellent experience and I was more than happy to help support not only a local business, but a woman-run business. I’m glad that work gave me the opportunity to show this support, it was super cool!



I’ll be staying in Rochester Saturday for our  St. Paddy’s Day parade, and on Sunday for a sushi rolling class, courtesy of Yelp! (Speaking of which, check out my Yelp review of Eat Me Ice Cream here.) So, I plan on writing a post on my sushi rolling experience, probably not so much planning on writing about the weekend, be on the lookout for that. 🙂

My name’s Zack, I upload a new post on this page sorta kinda regularly (debatable), subscribe and comment if you  liked or alternatively didn’t like what you read. I’ll see you soon!

Have a great day!!


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