Rolling Sushi with the #SushiQueen – a Yelp Elite Experience

So, you guys may or may not know, but I am an avid Yelper. I joined the app back in December, and about a month later, somebody nominated me to become a Yelp Elite. The way it works is that if you write multiple reviews and interact with other Yelpers, whether that’s liking, commenting, or reading others reviews, then you can be nominated to become an Elite by an existing Elite. Elite’s receive perks such as “First Taste” events and other events within their local Yelp community.

The very delicious spread prepared by The Bamboo Panda Catering Company

Yesterday, I attended my very first Yelp event. It was a sushi rolling class taught by Chef Kimberley Roth. Chef Kim is a Rochester native and just earned 4th place on the most recent season of Hell’s Kitchen. She also rose to local fame for being a food truck chef, and has since started her own catering business, specializing in sushi, The Bamboo Panda Catering Co.

Chef Kim Roth of Hell’s Kitchen Season 16, Stingray Sushifushion Food Truck and Bamboo Panda Catering Co.

Chef Kim was so down to earth, and such a sweet lady. Also, very funny! She goes by both #SushiQueen and #SushiBae. You can check out her Instagram and Twitter to learn a bit more about her. She provided us with two humongous platters of sushi and for me having very little experience with sushi and essentially being a sushi noob, I was blown away. Not only were they aesthetically pleasing, they tasted incredible. The flavors all played so well off of one another and of course, a bit of wasabi here or there helped accentuate that flavor as well. Very excited for her restaurant opening in the fall!

The event was held at the Rochester Brainery, which is this sweet venue in the city that hosts many, many classes (that usually get sold out). The interior is lush with greenery and with modern artwork and furniture, and on Fridays, you can even go there to work if you so desire to get a change of scene from an office, etc.

Not going to lie, I was pretty nervous to attend my first Yelp event because I didn’t know anybody who was there, but everyone was so nice and talkative and just wanted to discuss, like our lives and cool venue/restaurants.

Yelp gave each of us a complimentary sake glass, a bamboo sushi rolling mat, and chopsticks! After some light discussion and introductions, we were ready to begin!

So, Chef Kim began here demonstration and I gotta say, it was a bit easier than I was expecting. What’s interesting though is that the difference between a good sushi roll and a bad doesn’t come from skill level, but more so from technique.


  • First you start with a slice of nori, which is flattened seaweed, it’s much thinner than it looks
  • Then you grab a baseball size ball of sticky rice, which has been made with vinegar, and evenly spread it on the nori, then you add some sesame seeds to make it look better once you have the final product
  • Next, you have to flip the nori and rice over. On the now top, which is the other side of your nori slice, you can add a bit of mayo to make it all stick together a bit more easily
  • After that you add your meat and other ingredients. (We made California rolls, so we used imitation crab meat, cucumbers, and avocado)
  • Then you roll! The bamboo wraps around the contents so perfectly, and you have to roll it tight and it’ll literally stick together in a long sushi rod
  • After that you cut the roll into the smaller piece, and you’re done! Pair it with some wasabi and ginger, and a little bit of soy sauce or sriracha sauce and you’re all set!

Check out my review of the Yelp event on Yelp here!

Finished product! Not too bad for my first try!

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