It’s Another Music Monday, I Wish It Was Sunday (Spotify Playlist Link Included)

Hey y’all! Happy Monday and First Day of Spring!

So I decided to be super trendy and only upload any playlist posts on Mondays, simply so that I can use the phrase ‘Music Monday.’ Anyway, here is the  latest via Spotify:

Please note that two songs,  I’ve been listening to are not available on Spotify, and so I have the YouTube videos for each below:

This video is a mashup of the songs Heathens and Stressed Out by Twenty One Pilots and the video itself is a mashup of the two music videos for each of the songs. Both mashups are combined here and the effect is sublime. Music was mashed by Jon Gibson. (Check out his channel for some more of his work, the man is a genius!) Video was mashed by Wonderful_MusicVids _. (Check out her channel by clicking on the hyperlink, she makes a ton of really sweet TØP mashup videos.


This is what I’m vibing to this month and this list is a total hodgepodge of genres throughout the ages. As per the usual, I always end up listening to more throwbacks than anything.

My name’s Zack, I upload a new post on this page sorta kinda regularly (debatable), subscribe and comment if you  liked or alternatively didn’t like what you heard. I’ll see you soon!

Still working on some video editing, but last week was crazy busy for me at work, plus there was an insane blizzard and then it was the St. Patrick’s Day Parade in Buffalo. Enough said.

Have a great day!!


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In the meantime connect with me on the following social media platforms: 

Snapchat: @zackreese



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