Sunday Sunday Sunday Sunday Sunday

Hey guys and Happy Sunday!

This weekend was exactly what I needed mentally. You know what I did this weekend? Just hung out. No plans, no calendars, no schedules, no meetings, no people, just ~48 hours of me time. Kinda felt great, after I re-realized that being alone is okay. (I always forget that I don’t need people around me all the time. I love being around people and the energy that comes with/from those people.)

So I guess the point of this post is to talk about my weekend and how you can enjoy a relaxing weekend at home alone. Often times, I find that given true alone time I learn more and more about myself, and it’s healthy.

Friday, I watched the entirety of Season 2 of LOVE. LOVE is a Netflix show created by Judd Apatow (Knocked Up/Half of Seth Rogen’s movies) and Paul Rust. It stars Rust and Gillian Jacobs as Gus and Mickey, an average pair of people in LA who have a bad track history when it comes to relationships and love and end up falling into each other’s arms.

The best part is that the show is so ordinary, and the characters are so relateable, I have been in the same situations as Gus and Mickey and for the situations I haven’t been in, they respond in the same way I would. I love it. What makes it more interesting is the fact that Gus is a super nerd and Mickey is an alcoholic, drug-addict, and love and sex addict. I highly recommend the show to anyone, the best part is that it’s like a super long rom-com and I’m a HUGE sucker for rom-coms. Watch LOVE! — I’m also doing a re-watch of Park & Rec just to have something on in the background, and that show will never not be funny. One of my favorites of all time.

Also side note — I went to bed at like 10 p.m. the last couple nights, and that was everything I needed. It was a very long week and seemed even longer following the Buffalo St. Patrick’s Day Parade last week. You should know why.

Last night I went grocery shopping (for under $100!!!) and Lord knows I needed to, I was SCARCE. And thank goodness I did, because I discovered Mango Ice Cream. Dude. Mango Ice Cream is incredible. For me, a full fridge and a full pantry makes for a very happy Zack. Y’all may or may not know this, but I honestly enjoy cooking, and I have like 5 recipe posts on the back-burner (yeah, I’m garbage at posting, I know, I know), I will be posting them within the next few weeks, I swear.

I also made the executive decision to do some spring cleaning of my apartment and honestly, that was how I spent my morning. It was so therapeutic to turn on my essential oil diffuser, and get down to it. (Also throwing around the idea of writing about essential oils, their benefits and how to use them. Honestly they’re amazing and life changing.)

I went through my closet and realized there was a ton of clothes that were either too big for me or I never wear anymore and so I bagged it up and will be dropping it off at a donation center tomorrow. Whenever I donate clothing I do it this way to ensure that the clothes make it to people who can  use them free of charge.

I must say, it was so amazing to open the windows today, get some air in here, listen to music and clean the entire place from top to bottom in every crack. A clean home is a happy home. Now I’m chowing down on some pasta and salad, and I think I’m going to go for a run to work it off before Walking Dead. (Unfortunately, I’ve been sucked back in. Ughhhh)

Psyching myself up for the week ahead and  hoping it’s a good one! Hoping you guys have an awesome week too! I’ll have a really fun/nerdy post on Tuesday, so please look forward to that!!

Thanks for hanging out! 🙂

My name’s Zack, I upload a new post on this page sorta kinda regularly (debatable), subscribe and comment if you  liked or alternatively didn’t like what you read. I’ll see you soon!


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