My Top 5 MCU Avengers

The Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) is interesting because as of the time this is being written, it’s been around for almost a decade. That’s a hell of a long time for a franchise to survive and arguably be one of the highest grossing internationally.

The crazy thing too is that the entire franchise keeps getting better and I’m a HUGE fanboy. Below I have My Top 5 favorite MCU Avengers as of March 2017. So obviously this is subject to change at some point, especially with the great and powerful Avengers: Infinity War a year from the posting of this.

Also please note that this list only applies to the characters of the various Marvel films and does exclude Marvel TV. Although, I imagine, I’ll do a separate list for those characters soon! (Probably after the Inhumans show is done airing. I love me some Daredevil, Quake, Punisher and Jessica Jones.)

Anyway these are in order from least to most favorite and here we go.

5. Ant-Man – Not gonna lie, I was not into Ant-Man at all when it released. Usually I make it a point to go see each MCU entry the day or week it releases. I eventually saw it like months and months after it released and I was blown away despite what the critics (who, in my opinion are very often wrong, looking at you Iron Fist) said.

I never really thought of Paul Rudd as the Avengers type, and I really shouldn’t have doubted him, because I actually love him so much. He ended up killing the role and bringing Scott Lang to life and then returning in Civil War with arguably the most comedic part. No he was the funniest part. (Sorry Spidey.) Plus he became Giant-Man and that was sweet and damn I love the dude.

He’s just funny and like the total antithesis to a lot of the other MCU heroes. He brings levity. His supporting cast helps a lot with this as well. His interactions with Michael Pena, Michael Douglas and Evangeline Lily (WE HAVE TO GO BACK KATE!) were sublime.

He made a crap power cool.

4. Dr. Strange – Okay, okay, okay I know he hasn’t had a ton of screen time outside of his own movie, none actually. Yet. But, the doctor is slated to return in both Thor: Ragnarok as well as Avengers: Infinity War and Avengers 4. (Although, I gotta say, the 4th place spot was a tie for me between Dr. Strange and either Drax or Star-Lord, but then I realized that I can’t choose any one Guardian over the other because they only really work when they’re all playing off of one another.)

Based off of first impressions, the good doctor was likable, relate-able and what’s interesting is that he was way funnier than I was imagining. It was almost like Tony Stark done right. It was like a breath of fresh air, plus his powers are so interesting and we’ve only seen the tip of the iceberg in regards to the power he possesses. Plus, having one of the infinity stones was so, so cool! I loved watching the origin story of this man from beginning to end.

Before his film, I thought about Dr. Strange and I didn’t see how he could fit in with the other MCU characters, but a lot of this assimilation will be simple and that is due largely to Benedict Cumberbatch’s immense skill as an actor.

Dr. Strange is in this list because of the potential his character has, especially with the growing of the MCU and the endings of contracts for many of the actors of characters we have had up to this point. There’s also the fact that for the most part, his powers are largely still a mystery and have a ton of room to grow and become something amazing. He has the power and capacity to become the most powerful Avenger (Next to Scarlet Witch, of course).

3. Falcon – Falcon is so underrated. My favorite part about Falcon is the relateability factor, he’s literally just a dude with mechanical wings and guns. He brings a certain down-to-Earth aspect to the character, and Anthony Mackie kills the role. He’s hilarious a badass and not overly stereotypical (Imagine Eddie Murphy or Chris Rock in this role at their prime, ughhh).

He was one of the best parts of Captain America: Winter Soldier, and I was beyond pleased at his inclusion. Especially because we finally had a cool black hero. War-Machine who? I cannot stand War-Machine. Are you Terrence Howard or are you Don Cheadle? Either way, you suck. Just when I thought Falcon couldn’t get any cooler, Civil War happened and his fierce loyalty to Captain America was the best thing. That and the fact that he now had Redwing his drone, and his updated suit. (The cameo in Ant-Man was pretty sweet)

I am in the bandwagon that hopes to see him don the Captain America moniker after Infinity War. I think he can bring so much to the role, plus “Falcon America,” in the comics has one of the coolest designs around.

He would never have his own film, because he is so grounded, but I do believe that in a supporting role is where Falcon/Mackie really gets to shine. Much like each of the Guardians of the Galaxy.

2. Captain America – Originally, this spot belonged to Spider-Man, but I couldn’t do that in good consciousness, with just his ~17 minutes of footage from Civil War. I did love him in that, but he’s got a long way to go still to make my list. Spider-Man: Homecoming is going to be a big factor into this as well (Especially based off of the trailer that dropped a couple of hours ago, oh my god).

Captain America is on this list for a multitude of reasons. He’s so pure and likable, his movies are arguably the best in the entire MCU. Yeah, all three of them are consistently great. You can’t help but root for the guy and Chris Evans plays him with such sincerity, that his “do-gooder” attitude is entirely believable.

Plus, he fought directly against the Nazi party in WWII Germany. Points! I think my favorite thing about him though is his ability to incite change in friend and foe alike. Perhaps he isn’t as powerful as Thor or Hulk or as fast as Quicksilver, but he’s got conviction and a desire to use what abilities he does have for a better tomorrow. He’s the exact essence of the ideal American dream.

Captain America is the man for being the quintessential hero, who would die to protect those he holds dear. And he was The First Avenger.

1. Hulk – I’m super psyched about Thor: Ragnarok not because of Thor, nor Loki but for the fact that the film also stars The Hulk (And not just the Incredible Hulk, Gladiator Hulk!). Hulk is my absolute favorite Avenger of all time. I mean, a giant green behemoth that comes out when the nerdy scientist gets angry? Perfect.

You know that whenever Big Green’s on the scene, you’re going to get an intense action scene, which is what the MCU is known for. I think the general consensus among fans is to pretend that 2004’s Hulk never existed, cool whatever. Then in 2008, came The Incredible Hulk starring Edward Norton. This was solid movie and it came out a month after Iron Man, when Marvel was still fighting Universal for the rights to use The Hulk.

The got their wish with 2012’s The Avengers, which brought Bruce Banner/Hulk into the fold as a member of the team. This was when Mark Ruffalo took over the role and I was sold. He is hands down the only person I can see playing Hulk now. He gets him, he plays him so well. I mean the “That’s my secret, Cap. I’m always angry.” transformation scene is the best scene of the film.

Plus finally seeing Hulk go all out and have fun was awesome! AND he could speak! This is one of the first films to feature a speaking Hulk, and on top of that, he was funny, “Puny God.”

Then he came back in Age of Ultron and had the Black Widow thing, which was weird but enjoyable, and he wore stretchy pants that grew as Banner transformed, I loved that touch. One of the stronger points in Ultron was the fact that Banner was given an extended role, and helped create Vision.

I already know without a doubt in my mind, that Hulk will steal the show in Thor 3 (Especially with the adaptation of Planet Hulk). I mean, he always does.

I mean look how sweet he looks on this to-be-released shirt!

Honorable Mentions: Black Panther, Drax the Destroyer, Star-Lord, Spider-Man

So that’s it! Those are my five! I’d love to hear your thoughts and whether you agree or disagree with my choices! I got super nerdy with this one, so I hope you enjoyed!

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