7 Takeaways from a Good Weekend

I realize that it’s Tuesday, but I was so wholly exhausted yesterday, the day before and to a lesser extent today that I physically nor mentally could simply not write until now. This past weekend was a good one, one in which I definitively realized that I am holistically an adult man now, but good nonetheless.

This weekend served as the first weekend of Springtime weather and I took full advantage of that fact Sunday. Be sure to check out my small album of pictures I took while hiking all day Sunday! It’s at the end of this post. πŸ™‚

Here are some takeaways from my weekend:

 1. Beer – On Saturday, the Rochester Nighthawks, our very own lacrosse team, held a beer tasting event where a bunch of local breweries gathered together and gave samples of their beers. Tickets weren’t bad and included 10 beer tastings, a ticket to that night’s lacrosse game and bar specials at the after party.

The cool thing was that literally only 3 of the many breweries actually asked for the drink tickets provided, so it was a basically a free-for-all. Plus, a friend of mine was working the table for one of the breweries so that was great. Each of the breweries had freebies such as bottle openers or stickers (I’m a sucker for stickers, you should see my iPad/Laptop).

I got to try a ton of different beers, that were actually very good from places such as ROC Brewing, The Lost Borough Brewing Co., and The Matt Brewing Company (A subset of Saranac) to name a few. I ended up logging almost all of them into my Untappd account (A new endeavor).

One thing led to another and we didn’t actually end up going to game or the after party, instead going to hang out at my friend’s brothers apartment for drinks and basketball before going to dinner.

2. 13 Reasons Why – The newest Netflix drama hit the streaming service on Friday and I ended up deciding to watch it after going to a happy hour with some co-workers. What I didn’t expect was the ease at which the show drew me in and held me. I couldn’t stop, it was one episode into the next.

I woke up Saturday and watched a couple more, making it to like episode 8 or 9. Then on Sunday, the show was the only thing I could think about to the point that I woke up at 4:30 a.m. to watch it. I was a man on a mission.

The show follows the story of Hannah Baker, who at the beginning of the narrative has taken her own life. It shows what led her to that point and why she felt that death was the only escape. Hannah is portrayed as an outcast, who only wanted the best for herself and people around her and was desperate for even one friend. Clay who acted as a love interest of Hannah’s and from whose POV the story is told is a bit of an awkward nerd who was in love with Hannah.

I was just so personally connected to both Hannah and Clay, the series protagonists. A lot of the stuff Hannah went through, I also went through, and I can remember being in some pretty dark places at times. I was also very “Clay-esque” when I was that age to the point that mannerisms that he had in the show I had in real life. It all felt very realistic and truly portrayed not only how cruel people/high school kids can be but also the fact that you never really do know what’s going on in someone else’s life. I highly recommend it.

3. 60 Degrees and Sunny – I love, love, love the sun and heat and everything that is not winter. Sunday, after a couple of rainy days was nothing but clear skies. I spent the day outside, and let me tell you, I rolled my car windows down, blasted some music, and screamed out of my car window in nothing but pure joy. After months of being in less ideal temperatures, it was amazing to be outside, by the water and in the forest.

Cheers to many, many more beautiful days, adventures and experiences.

4. Hiking/Exploration – Something that I have been doing since I was young is to hike, wander and explore new places and I did exactly that Sunday. I went hiking in the local Tryon Park, with a backpack of hiking essentials (a book, my laptop, some dried mango, organic Gatorade (way better than it sounds), and headphones.) I found a creek with an uprooted tree across it, and sat in the sun and read. It was so peaceful. I ended up wandering, getting lost in the forest and finding this alcove which was completely covered in graffiti. It was beautiful.

A couple of hours later, I was ready for my next destination and went to Turning Point Park, which is another local park in Charlotte, New York, which features a very long boardwalk over the Genesee River, that leads all the way to Ontario Beach. It’s a longer of a hike than you would think. It took me two hours both ways. I recommend it for a great walk. It’s right by the water and the smells in the air from the restaurants along the way are so delicious.

I was ecstatic to see so many new places and things that day. Now I know of some cool spots to hang instead of in my apartment.

5. Bruschetta – On Friday, after a long, arduous day of work, I needed a drink and luckily after a beer in-office to take the edge off at the end of my workday, some other co-workers and I checked out a new Italian place next door to our office for a happy hour with a friend from the New York office. For those of you in the area, check out Vesta’s Roman Hearth.

I ordered a Sundried Tomato Pesto and Olive Bruschetta and it was exactly what I needed. It’s also exactly what YOU need, you just don’t know it yet. Bruschetta is already a beautifully delicious entity, but after a particularly difficult Friday, it was even better!

6. Coconut Oil – Sunday morning since I was already up, I threw together a shopping list and made a Target run. I am pleased to say that with the exception of only one item, I got everything on my list and that was it.

The extra item I ended up taking home was some Organic Coconut Oil made by Nutiva. It was on clearance and I’d been so curious about using it for cooking and skin purposes, that I had to take my chance.

A couple of nights ago, I cooked stuffed chicken parm with ziti and used the coconut oil in the cooking of the pasta and sauteing of the chicken. It honestly brought out the flavor in such a way, that I would recommend using it in cooking/baking recipes to anyone.

It smells great, melts easily and is a fantastic alternative to using butter. Besides, a large jar of it will last for quite a while.

7. Greek Food – I checked out a Greek restaurant on Saturday night, while grabbing dinner with some friends. I’m obsessed with all things Greek salad and Greek style grilled chicken. I could eat it everyday.

We decided to check out this cute, little place called Sinbad’s on Park Ave. in Rochester and it was really cool because it feels like a little Greek hide-a-way. To get inside you have to go through a thick curtain and then there’s a little fireplace, and a row of tables on either side of a walkway leading to the kitchen.

It’s small, but sometimes some of the best places are the little ones. If you’re in the area I recommend it. πŸ™‚

It was a full and fulfilling weekend, and you can’t really ask for much more than that. (Plus, I used a HUGE chunk of my paycheck/tax return/overtime towards getting ahead of credit card payments, car payments, and student loans — very satisfying!)

Check out some pics from the weekend below:


Currently working on some more things, including my Top 10 Beatles songs of all time. Stay tuned.

My name’s Zack, I upload a new post on this page sorta kinda regularly (debatable), subscribe and comment if you  liked or alternatively didn’t like what you read. I’ll see you soon!


Until next time!

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